Дом за възрастни хора

Резиденция Свети Симеон

Дом за стари хора  „Свети Симеон“ се намира в град Сливница, на разстояние само 20 минути с автомобил от София. На тези, които не са мобилни, ние предоставяме безплатен транспорт на близките, за да видят своите родители или роднини. Домът е в непосредствена близост до многопрофилна болница, с прекрасен парк, красива природа на тихо и спокойно място.


Не случайно Нашето име е Дом за възрастни хора „Свети Симеон“. Той е светец, покровител на възрастните хора. Ние ще се грижим за Вашите родители, като за Наши. Това са най-ценните хора за всеки един човек и заслужават да живеят старините си спокойно и щастливо и да се чувстват пълни с живот. При нас това го гарантираме лично.


Още за нас

Хоспис „Свети Симеон“ има 60 двойни стаи, 10 единични стаи, 4 тройни стаи, 10 ВИП стаи. Разполагаме с квалифициран персонал с богат опит, който полага непрекъснати грижи за здравето на нашите пациенти. Разполагаме и с рехабилитационен център, лекарски кабинет, кабинет за физиотерапия. На територията на хоспис „Свети Симеон“ се простира голям парк за разходки и отдих на чист въздух. Имаме собствен ресторант, в който се приготвя храната с много любов за нашите резиденти(гости). В резиденция „Свети Симеон“ има стая за почивка и библиотека, където нашите гости могат да общуват по между си. Разполагаме и с 24 часово видеонаблюдение за сигурността на Вашите близки. За да бъдат в изряден външен вид и да се чувстват в собствената си кожа, от хоспис „Свети Симеон“ им осигуряваме безплатни фризьорски услуги.

Дом за възрастни хора „Свети Симеон“ се помещава в новопостроена двуетажна сграда, отговаряща на всички европейски изисквания. Разполага с асансьор и прекрасна гледка. Парка е с площ от 5 дка, включва озеленени площи, фонтани, пейки, алеи за разходки, параклис и фитнес на открито.


Points to Take Into Consideration Prior To Employing an Office Cleansing Firm

Cleaning up a workplace might be a bit tough, specifically if you have a big one. It is essential that it will be clean so that when a shock go to from a customer occurs you are certain to invite them inside your workplace. One option is to hire a workplace cleaning company that supplies day-to-day cleansing services if you can't do it on your very own. It could spare you from troubles of cleaning by yourself as well as additionally conserve you time that might be utilized for other things.

It is terrific to hire a workplace cleaning company, yet you should be careful as well as seek the business that you might trust. You should pick the firm that you are comfortable with. Listed here are some things that can help you discover the right cleaning company business.

You know you located an excellent business when several individuals seek their solution as well as are pleased with it. It would be more practical for you due to the fact that you could do it in the comfort of your very own home or office.

- It is best to conduct an interview before you sign any type of contract with a cleansing company. Discover a couple of business that you might talk to, професионално почистване and also see that you such as best as well as will appropriately satisfy your requirements. Meeting has advantages for you. You might have a great deal of options as well as second you can choose appropriately as to whom you really feel most comfortable with.

- When you carry out an interview, do not hesitate to ask inquiries. Also thoroughly explain what services you want so that what is gotten out of them will certainly be clear for both events.

- Request recommendations and take a while to call them. Other individuals give out numbers that do not in fact exist. Recommendations could establish your trust to a company also if you haven't attempted their service yet. Another thing, you could figure out what the firm can truly provide for you.

- Demand to offer you a checklist of the cleansing items that they make use of. You have the right to know what chemicals they make use of to cleanse your workplace. You should also ask if they will certainly be bringing their own supplies as well as chemicals or if you require to provide for to them.

- Every company has various bundles and also rates to use. They are professionals when it pertains to company talks. You shouldn't be conveniently attracted by a low price offer, what you are looking for is the very best worth for your cash.

If they fulfill the jobs that they assure to render on an everyday basis, one more essential point is to examine. , if you frequently do area checks you might instantly forward your issues to the cleansing company even before they come to be larger issues.. Here are the things that you should inspect when a cleaning service has been done in your workplace:

-The rugs ought to be vacuumed correctly. Built up dirt in the rug could damage the fibers of the rug as well as additionally damage individuals that have hatreds dust, which is why it is important to clean it frequently. , if rugs are not vacuumed every day they will certainly additionally start to look plain.


-Difficult surface floorings require to be wiped correctly. Due to the fact that it might be quickly identified, the floors shouldn't be mopped with dirty sponges as well as water. Wet smell in the location after that for sure dirty maps are made use of to clean it if when you tipped into the office as well as there is a moldy.

-The refrigerator that the staff members use for their food can be a possible germ nest. It is very common to see splilling as a result of leaking food containers. It is necessary to wipe, at the very least daily, the trays as well as cabinets inside the refrigerator.

-Microwave oven in the kitchen area or pantry need to likewise be correctly kept. It is the most used cooking area device yet normally taken for given. If spilled food is located inside it needs to be cleaned right away because if it is allowed to stay there for a number of days it will be difficult to get rid of.

Germs could also accumulate if it is not correctly cleaned. The odor of the kitchen area surfaces might indicate if the counter top is appropriately cleaned.

-Hand soaps ought to be discovered on cooking area sinks and also commodes. It is very important to never ever let the dispensers lack hand soaps so that workers would not forget to clean their hands after making use of the toilet as well as cleaning the recipes.

-All products that are palatable should be changed frequently. Amongst these products are paper towels and bathroom tissue in the commode and kitchen. Paper towels in the kitchen area should be bountiful to make sure that whenever there are spills in the counter tops or floors workers could clean it off right away.

-Floors and various other surfaces in the bathroom need to be cleaned up as well as brightened. It is important due to the fact that several individuals use this every day.

-Recipes that are given by the company for the staff members to utilize must constantly be washed promptly after use and also saved correctly. Glasses, mugs, as well as recipes ought to be evaluated routinely. It is an ugly view to see heaps of unclean recipes and cups on the kitchen area sink.

When you employ a cleaning service make sure that you properly choose the business that you'll seek service from. Due to the fact that you want to avoid the trouble of cleaning up the workplace by on your own so you have to pick sensibly, you hire them.

If you can't do it on your very own, one solution is to employ an office cleansing firm that supplies day-to-day cleansing services. It is terrific to work with a workplace cleansing solution, but you need to be mindful and also look for the company that you could trust. Provided below are some points that might aid you discover the right cleansing solution firm.

- It is best to conduct an interview prior to you authorize any type of agreement with a cleaning firm. If you regularly do spot checks you might promptly ahead your worries to the cleaning business even before they become bigger troubles.